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1. Copy this whole list into your journal (including the instructions, so that other people can understand what it is about).
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
< b > Bold < / b >
3. Whatever you don't bold are false

001. I like laser pointers
002. I don't drink water
003. I believe in world peace
004. I sleep with a plushie
005. I'm ambidextrous
006. People accept me how I am
007. I'm addict to anime/manga
008. I speak 1337 better than english
009. I'm daltonic
010. I don't like mirrors
011. I play card games (Magic, Stu-Pi-Doh...)
012. Puppy eyes melt my heart
013. I have a job
014. I love chocolate
015. I can type faster than I speak
016. My heart is easier to break than my bones
017. I collect things (specify what)
018. I don't trust people
019. I have a lucky number
020. I'm afraid of knives
021. I start too much projects and never finish them
022. I have more than one pet
023. I can't see anything without my glasses on
024. I play chess
025. I have lied to protect other people
026. I am vegetarian
027. I know the future
028. I prefer books than movies
029. I love to draw
030. I don't have brothers
031. My handwriting is unreadable
032. I believe in extraterrestrial life
033. I don't use Google
034. I can't live without my cellphone
035. I always wear a cap
036. I have more diskettes than books
037. I've never seen a snow day
038. I'm not religious
039. I can understand graffiti tags
040. I'm not afraid of death
041. I go to the bathroom more than 7 times a day
042. I believe the government is into a conspiracy
043. I love videogames
044. I'm an activist for the defense of nature
045. I'm a moody person
046. I always carry a weapon with myself
047. I prefer cold than hot
048. I look for known shapes in the clouds
049. My Internet connection sucks
050. I rarely go to the cinema
051. I'm old
052. I have insomnia
053. I have tattoos
054. I don't know what people expect from me
055. I'm unbeatable in domino
056. I don't like IMs (Instant Messengers, like MSN or Yahoo)
057. Horror movies scare me
058. I used to eat non-toxic glue
059. I feel rather than think
060. I use Firefox and always tell everyone else to use it
061. I have hope
062. I have a car
063. I remember what I dream
064. I don't need to use Liquid Paper/ Corrector Pen
065. I'm patriotic
066. I worship the devil
067. I hate Windows XP
068. I like solving crossword puzzles
069. I have a social life
070. I always read the newspaper
071. I checked the box to avoid seeing mature content in dA
072. My I.Q. is above 160
073. I like mexican food
074. I don't give a good impression
075. I get bored easily
076. I'm passing through a period of changes
077. I hate taking a bath
078. I can't go out without makeup
079. I don't know what RAM is
080. I like to talk about politics
081. I have a third eye
082. I'm uninteresting
083. I have a Blog
084. I have to take pills
085. I have lots of CDs
086. I always have a dictionary at hand
087. I'm tired of this quiz
088. I care about copyright protection
089. My computer is older than me
090. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend
091. I see dead people
092. I drink tea
093. I have a good memory
094. I've never been to a concert
095. I enter to my house through the window
096. When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut
097. I don't watch TV
098. I'm unresistable
099. I have invisible friends
100. I love deviantART

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